Want A Better Sleep? Make Your Bed!

Want A Better Sleep? Make Your Bed!

We have a HUGE announcement! Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban is coming back to the Rio Grande Valley starting September 14th, on channel 5, at 2PM! Spread the word, and be sure to tune in!

A 5.5 inch inseam has been branded as the perfect men's short length to make them more attractive, according to social media. The short-shorts style is also popular among celebrities including Donald Glover and Harry Styles.

A new survey says that making your bed are more known to not only have a better sleep, but more sex. Is making the bed a deal breaker for you in a relationship?

Actress, Bella Thorne, has become the first person to earn one million dollars in just one day on the social media platform "Only Fans". The app is subscription based and allows paying subscribers to view adult content.

Elon Musk's brain implant from Neuralink is finally being unveiled. Th Latest version of the high tech robot, is built surgically implant electrodes that would let humans control computers with their minds.