Do you love candy? (Getty Images)

Get paid $100,000 a year to eat candy!

Do you love candy? Do you have strong opinions about what candy is best? Then this is your dream job!

Candy Funhouse is looking for the world's first Chief Candy Officer. The full time (work-from-home optional) position pays $100,000 a year!

So what will you actually do? You will be in charge of the Funhouse candy strategy, including approving all candy in inventory and deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official "CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval."

The position is open to anyone age 5 and up – and you must live somewhere in North America. No experience necessary – just a love for candy.

The Chief Candy Officer needs to have golden taste buds, so candidates will be put through extensive palate training.

Responsibilities of the role include choosing which new products Candy Funhouse should carry, leading candy board meetings, and being the head candy taste tester.

“Here at Candy Funhouse we're all about FUN, and who better to set our FUNhouse strategy than someone that is a real candy fanatic! Whoever lands this position better be ready for the ride of their lives, and to have chocolate flowing through their veins. I'm thrilled for all the candy adventures we have planned!" explained Jamal Hejazi from Candy Funhouse.

CLICK HERE to apply... (deadline is August 31, 2022)

and yes, the position does come with an extensive dental plan.