West Wednesdays: Classic Roasted Turkey

West Wednesdays: Classic Roasted Turkey

We're almost halfway through November, and that means Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! Chef Brian West is talking Turkey today with a step-by-step of how he makes the perfect Classic Roasted Turkey!

Chef Brian West is offering curbside of FULL Thanksgiving meals, and you can book your order through text, or send him an email at You can also call or text (210) 77-6961, or visit his website at You can also connect with Chef West on Facebook and Instagram @ChefBrianWestSA


1 each turkey, 18lb


black pepper

2 each thyme

2 each rosemary

2 each bay leaf

1 each apple, sliced

2 each cinnamon stick

1 each orange, sliced

1 pound butter, softened

20 fluid ounces mirepoix

4 fluid ounces flour

32 fluid ounces chicken stock

Salt and pepper, to taste


Season bird inside and out rub butter outside and under the skin. Place 2 each sprigs of thyme, rosemary, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, orange and apple in the cavity.

Place Bird breast side up and fat and wing tips kneck and any offal on the bottom of the roasting pan. truss-sear roast 450F-for 30min to develop a golden brown skin

Lower oven to 350 baste with butter and cook 15 minutes-baste again

Add mirepoix-roast 25-40 min more or until it has a 158F internal temp-rest the birds before cutting

On the stovetop brown mirepoix and herbs in the roasting pan scrapping the bottom clean

Sprinkle the flour over the mixture and whisk in stock-cook pour into a large pot unitl you have collected from all the birds. Simmer for 30min

strain and season..