Liberty Bar

You've got to try the pot roast at Liberty Bar

SAN ANTONIO - Today we’re visiting Liberty Bar which is down in Southtown. I had not been there in many, many years and certainly had not been to the newer location.

The food was fabulous.

Now one thing you have to order when you go there, besides the iced tea, make sure you order something on the menu that's called ‘Bread Baked Here.’ It comes with an herb butter. It also came with this fabulous peach compote that they make inhouse.

Another thing I got, which I had never seen in a restaurant before, was called ‘Pot Roast in a Pot.’ Now, I don't know what I was expecting. When it came out it was in this clay pot with a lid lifted up and it looked beautiful. It had carrots, it had onions and it had potatoes all chopped up in there with this big hunk of pot roast. Now there was no gravy. This was all broth like the drippings you find from the bottom of the pan. So delicious. And I felt like, you know, I was eating pretty healthy because I didn't have any gravy.

But I digress. Delicious. Great option.

I saw people around me that were having their wonderful sourdough pizza and it looked really delicious. I kind of wondered if I should have ordered one so I could at least try it.

People next to me had salmon. People across from me were trying different things, different sauces.

But really, the food there was great.

I went ahead and indulged - and had the chocolate cake. The icing was out of this world. I could have just scraped the icing off and I would have been happy, but the cake was dense and moist and so delicious. And the two of them together was absolutely fabulous.

My service there was amazing. They do offer some outdoor seating sometimes of the year. If you want that, make sure you ask before you go. They also have a beautiful private party room upstairs and they've got a lovely room downstairs too.

Also, a full bar - and I mean beautiful, old-timey full bar.

I just think you're gonna love it. The food was great. Service great. And it is just a wonderful place.

Liberty Bar
1111 S Alamo St
San Antonio, TX 78210