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Debt Consolidation in Houston and Beaumont, with Debt Relief for 40% Less than Out-of-State Services
Debt Consolidation in Houston and Beaumont, with Debt Relief for 40% Less than Out-of-State Services
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Debt Consolidation in Houston and Beaumont, with Debt Relief for 40% Less than Out-of-State Services

Call: 832-648-3555 in Houston and Beaumont or visit for a free Texas Debt Relief consultation.

Affordable Debt Consolidation is a Texas-headquartered company that has helped Texans, including Houston and Beaumont, Texas residents, for 20 years and is 100% veteran-owned, A+ rated and Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and featured on news and lifestyle shows across the state. By exclusively serving fellow Texans, they can provide their Texas Debt Relief service with 40% lower fees compared to most out-of-state debt relief services.

Texas Debt Relief in Houston and Beaumont: The Texas Debt Relief plan offered by Affordable Debt Consolidation is a Texas-specific debt settlement plan to negotiate substantial reductions of credit card and personal loan debt balances. The firm specializes in resolving very high debt between $20,000 to $100,000 or more. After speaking to a Texas Debt Specialist, they will learn more about your situation and discuss options to resolve the debt. If their Texas Debt Relief plan is right for you, debt can be resolved in as little as 24 to 48 months. Program payments may be less than half compared to minimum payments in many cases. This is a hardship program, so it is designed for Texans who may be current but struggling to make payments, have fallen behind, or facing creditor lawsuits.

Debt Consolidation Loans in Houston and Beaumont: Debt relief, though debt settlement or debt negotiation, isn’t the only option. If you have excellent credit and need to protect your credit score, a debt consolidation loan could be a better option. By locking in a fixed rate, it will also protect you from future interest rate hikes and the lower payment may allow you to save money every month while paying the debt off faster. It is important not to re-load your credit cards if you use this method or you may find yourself in a worse situation. Affordable Debt Consolidation can help you in El Paso, Texas, find the best loan by shopping with many lenders using their affiliate platform of lenders.

Credit Counseling in Houston and Beaumont: Credit counseling is another option for debt consolidation without a new loan. The credit counselor has agreements with your creditors to lower rates. After enrollment, you make one payment to the credit counselor, and the payments are distributed to your creditors. This can allow you to have a lower payment and pay the debt off faster than minimum payments, like a debt consolidation loan. Since it does not reduce your principal balances and you still pay back some interest, it is usually more expensive than debt settlement.

Bankruptcy in Houston and Beaumont: Texans usually want to avoid bankruptcy if possible. Many higher-income or higher asset debtors cannot file a Chapter 7 to liquidate their debt. If a Chapter 13 repayment plan is the only option, it is a good idea to compare it to a non-bankruptcy option. Debt settlement may be less expensive than Chapter 13 in many cases. Texans considering bankruptcy should talk to a qualified Texas Bankruptcy attorney. Affordable Debt Consolidation makes it easy to compare bankruptcy to non-bankruptcy options through a special arrangement with a highly-rated Texas bankruptcy law firm.

Anytime you do not pay the creditors as agreed, it will have a negative impact on your credit score. This includes debt settlement, bankruptcy, and, to an extent, credit counseling. However, the faster you can resolve the debt, the faster you can start rebuilding your credit. Fortunately, this is not hard to do with the right steps, and you can always get an excellent credit score back, but you cannot get back the money wasted to high interest. Worse, you cannot get back the lost investment opportunity to make money on the income that you threw away for high interest. With all the uncertainty in our economy, saving money every month while on a path to debt, freedom may be the best decision for your long-term financial well-being. It is also important to understand that once your debt is gone, your debt-to-income ratio will improve, and this may give you a tremendous amount of additional purchasing power.

If you are struggling with $20,000 to $100,000 or more of credit card debt or personal loans, schedule your free no-obligation with a Texas Debt Specialist today.

Affordable Debt Consolidation for Houston and Beaumont, Texas Residents
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