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Weiner's (infoUSA)
Weiner's (infoUSA)
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Restaurants or stores we wish were still around

Kimberly and DJ Xavier do 'Daytime 10!' Today’s Topic: “The Top 5 Restaurants or Stores from my childhood I wish were still around.”

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The first store on Kimberly’s list is Wiener's. She has fond memories of hiding in the clothing racks with her brother while her mom frantically searched for them.

Kimberly then talks about Sizzler, a restaurant chain known for its salad bar and chalupas. She remembers eating there after shopping trips with her family.

Units is the next store on the list. It was a clothing store in the late 80s and early 90s that sold one-size-fits-all clothing combinations. Kimberly describes the clothes as being made of spandex and stretchy materials and not flattering on any body type.

Sam Goody was the music store where Kimberly would buy cassette singles. She would play her favorite song on repeat all the way home, much to her mom's dismay.

The last restaurant on Kimberly’s list is the Old San Francisco Steak House. What made this place special was that they would serve huge blocks of cheese with a cheese cutter for diners to enjoy before their meal. There was also a lady who would swing on a giant swing and ring a bell at the ceiling with her toe.

Xavier's list includes Winns, The Malt House, KB Toy Store, Handy Andy, and Karam’s. Xavier has fond memories of all of these places, but especially KB Toy Store where he would get Garbage Pail Kids, and Slime. He especially remember Karam’s, a Mexican restaurant he went to with his wife after they got married.