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A new WalletHub{ } Study ranked San Antonio at 165th on their Happiest Cities in America survey. (Getty Images)
A new WalletHub Study ranked San Antonio at 165th on their Happiest Cities in America survey. (Getty Images)
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POLL: Are you happy to live in San Antonio?

SAN ANTONIO - A new study suggests that San Antonians are not a happy bunch.

The new study from WalletHub looked at the happiest cities across the US, looking at community, income, mental and physical well-being, and ranking 182 cities surveyed from most to least happy.

San Antonio placed 165 on the most happy cities list, landing squarely at the bottom 10 percent.

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To formulate the study, WalletHub examined each city based on 29 key indicators of happiness, ranging from the depression rate to the income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day.

But with such a beautiful city to call home, why would San Antonians not be happy?

San Antonio ranked 155 for the environment, 130 for income, and 169 for mental and physical wellbeing, citing depression rates, life expectance, food security, and income growth among many other criteria.

Other Texas cities did not fare much better, with Dallas placing 132, Houston placing 134, and Fort Worth placing 117. Austin placed 66th, which is the highest of the major Texas cities but still far below the Top 50.

WalletHub asked experts how people could improve their happiness, especially when it comes to their careers.

“One of the primary factors of unhappiness in careers, and in life, is holding onto the belief that we are powerless to change things,” said Lily Corley, Assistant Director of Career Development at Lipscomb University. “You might be in the wrong career or you might simply feel taken advantage of because you are not happy with your salary or your schedule.”

When asked if money could buy happiness, Dr. Tammy Manko said she didn’t necessarily know.

“Money can certainly make life easier in some ways and it can provide for some happy, joyful experiences and material items that make life easier or nicer,” said Dr. Manko “Overall, however, happiness comes from within, and outside factors can influence us as much as we let them do so, money being one of those factors.”

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