Brennan's Kaitlin Graeber & Taft's Tremaine Smith

Vulcan's Scholar Athlete of the Week

SAN ANTONIO - Every week we feature area student athletes doing amazing things both on the field and in the classroom.

Meet Kaitlin Graeber. She's a 3-year varsity soccer player at Brennan High School. All-district on the field, 4.1 GPS in the classroom.

She's living a dream come true since she was five.

My journey as a soccer play overall has been a good one. I think all the moments kind of come together and they create one big, good moment,” Kaitlin explained. “I am committed to the University of Arkansas Little Rock, so yes, I’m going to college.”

WOW! I didn’t realize I was talking to a big-time college athlete! Or an accomplished artist. Her love for art has grown over the years. Like her skill.

A recent drawing of her sister is even displayed at the Texas State History Museum.

“It is a way to relieve stress when I’m not playing soccer because that takes a lot of my time. I like to draw, paint and listen to music, and it kind of – just helps me calm down and take a break from everything.”

So what’s Kaitlin’s biggest dream for her senior year?

“I just want to enjoy it. It’s my last year of high school. There’s some things that you might not be able to do that you can do in high school – like high school football games, high school pep rallies. It’s our last chance to do them as seniors and a want to do it all.”

Tremaine Smith is the Scholar Athlete of the Week from Taft. He's your typical perfect kid. 4.0 GPA. Two-year varsity football player. He's community involved, and socially aware.

And he tells dad jokes

“What do you get when you combine an elephant with a rhino? El-if-I-know!” TREMAINE says with a laugh.

Service is huge for Tremaine, especially giving his time to the San Antonio Food Bank.

“The mega distribution with the Food Bank where we go down to Gus or Farris and we’re all out there and the cars are coming through. That one is really enjoyable. I get to be there with my friends. I get to help the community. Meet new people. And help them out when they need it,” said Tremaine.

You realize the best part of Tremaine is that he knows where he's going. Because he sees where he's been. And he wants more.

“If it was younger me looking at me know, I was shy. I didn’t have the best grades. I feel like I’ve grown as a person where I’m actually able to communicate with more people. I have good grades. I have friends I can hang out with and spend time with – and I feel like he would be really proud of me being able to do that.”