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When Being Too Friendly Backfires...
When Being Too Friendly Backfires...
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When Being Too Friendly Backfires...

Have you ever been punished for trying to do a good deed?

Rest assured; People aren’t the only ones dealing with this problem.

You can now adopt police and TSA dogs that were too friendly to do the job and cut from the training program.

In many cases, the dogs failed the training or were just too active. If you're interested in adopting, the dogs are in San Antonio. Apply on TSA's website and then come in person to adopt. Some of the dogs aren't trained or housebroken yet, so it would basically be like getting a brand-new puppy!

We asked our viewers on social media if they’ve ever gone through a similar ordeal:

When is a time you were too friendly, and it backfired?

Amber says she gave a homeless guy a sandwich, but got it thrown back at her because the man wanted money instead.

Tia says she picked up a co-worker’s shift and is now always expected to be there. We’ve all been there, Tia.

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