Affordable Debt Consolidation

Affordable debt consolidation options for Texas residents coping with inflation

Part of your success depends on your ability to fund the program and the quality of service you receive. Some out-of-state companies charge Texans very high fees. Texas regulation caps the fees companies can charge Texans, and some companies may solicit Texans for these services without being properly licensed in our state. Negotiation companies may not charge their fees until a settlement is complete, with at least one payment made towards the settlement. The fees can only be collected in proportion to the debt amount settled.

Texas residents struggling with debt can contact Affordable Debt Consolidation at affordabledebtconsolidation.com or call 800-816-1003 to speak to a

Texas Debt Specialist and learn more about multiple options to resolve the debt. The Texas-based company exclusively serves Texas residents. After learning about your situation, their Texas Debt Specialists can provide an affiliate platform to shop lenders offering debt consolidation loans, an affiliate credit counseling program, and their Texas Debt Relief program. The settlement fees for their Texas Debt Relief program using debt negotiation are typically 40% less than most out-of-state companies. The company also works closely with a Texas bankruptcy law firm if you would like to compare bankruptcy to non-bankruptcy options at no cost or obligation for the consultations. Affordable Debt Consolidation is 100% veteran-owned, state-licensed, and Accredited with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.