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Hueco Tanks State Park
Hueco Tanks State Park
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Exploring Hueco Tanks State Park

Just outside El Paso lies an iconic state park that is home to some very ancient history. Hueco Tanks State Park formed over 34 million years ago, as hot molten rock burst through earth’s crust.

The rocks are filled with holes known as “Huecos.” which is a Spanish word for hole or hollow. This is where the park got its name.

The huecos are known for carrying and preserving rainwater through very dry spells in the de-sert, and that is what attracted so much life to the park throughout history.

Visitors can expect to find all kinds of bird species, shrimp and algae, and even pictographs that date back to the year 3000 B.C.

There are even man-made holes known as “bedrock mortars” in these rocks that were used to process food for many generations.

Aside from the vast history that lies within the rocks, visitors can expect to find many hiking trails, camping spots, and bouldering sites that will fill any adventure seeker’s day with activity.

To learn more about the Hueco Tanks State Park, you can visit the official website or check them out on Facebook.