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Spring Break Destination: White Sands National Park

Just over an hour away from the city of El Paso lies one of the most unique and special places on earth... White Sands National Park. The park is home to the world’s largest gypsum sand dunes on Earth.

Daytime got the chance to talk to Park Ranger Kelly Carroll to find out what exactly makes this place so unique. Kelly explained that the gypsum itself is pretty common, but what makes the dunes so unique is a combination of the geology, climate and the moisture underneath the dunes.

“You don’t see it, but just a couple inches underneath your feet, it’s fully saturated with water. That water locks these dunes in place and prevents all this sand from blowing away.”

There are only two other gypsum sand dunes in the world. One being in Northern Mexico and the other in Guadalupe National Park in Texas. White Sands National Park is the largest of the three, making it truly a noteworthy bucket-list place to visit.

Some popular activities at White Sands National Park include hiking, picnicking, and most popular of all: sledding.

Essentials to take on a trip to White Sands include sunglasses, sunscreen, plenty of water and food.

Kelly also explained that the intense reflection that comes off the white sands makes the climate typically feel much warmer than what the forecast reports, making layers a thing to consider when dressing for the dunes.

For more information on this other-worldly national park, you can visit their website and see what they are up to on Facebook.