While many people pass through this town, most do not realize the offerings Van Horn has for Texas day trippers. (SBG Photo)

Van Horn: The starting point for your West Texas daytrips

If you have road tripped through west Texas before, the odds are likely that you have stopped for gas or a quick bite in Van Horn.

While many people pass through this town, most do not realize the offerings this destination has for Texas day trippers.

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Daytime spent the day with the Mayor of Van Horn, Texas, Becky Brewster. She showed us some of the great places to visit and eat while visiting or just passing through this charming town.

One of the most notable spots for sports fanatics is Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant. A burger joint turned Mexican restaurant, this local spot advertises the John Madden “Haul of Fame”...a corner dedicated to the famous coach and sportscaster who regularly frequented the restaurant while touring the U.S. during football season.

“John Madden would not get on an airplane and fly, so he became a regular passing through Van Horn on the way to his football games,” Brewster told Daytime.

There is even a menu item at Chuy’s appropriately named “The Madden Special” for anyone who would like to try John’s favorites.

The Hotel El Capitan is a very historic place to stay. Built in the 1930’s, it is a sister hotel to The Hotel Paisano located in Marfa, TX. The hotel offers delicious menu items at their fine dining establishment.

Another astonishing site to see is the Clark Hotel Museum. Once an old hotel that catered to the railroad travelers, it is now a museum that has an array of historic artifacts from the town’s past.

The original hotel rooms are preserved, allowing guests to take a trip back in time to see how the hotel looked during its era.

Among these novel stops in the town of Van Horn lies many other nearby destinations such as the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, The McDonald Observatory, Big Bend National Park, and many others.

Becky says Van Horn is a great home base to stay at while exploring all of these Texas destinations.

“You can use us as your starting point and come back every day. We have the dining and restaurants to accommodate you, and we feel you will grow to love Van Horn as much as we do.”