Daytime-Fool them with food

April Fool's Snacks & Party Treats

Chef Adrian Perez is holding the pranks and fooling you with food this April Fool's. He's showing you how to make some delicious snacks that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Complete Eats by Chef Adrian

Bucket of Chicken Legs
8 c. Kelloggs Rice Krispies
1 Bag Mini Marshmallows
4 T. Butter
White Candy Coating
Peanut Butter
Bran Flakes
Large Pretzel Sticks

First make your chicken leg bones by attaching 2 small marshmallows on the ends with cookie frosting. Let that dry on wax paper.

Melt the white candy coating (use package directions) and dip the rods to cover. Don’t bother dipping the ends that you are holdingthat is going to be covered up anyways. Let that dry on the wax paper.

Now make the rice krispie treats. Place the butter and mini marshmallows in a large bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Stir then add the cereal to coat. Let that cool just a bit. Spray your hands with cooking spray and mound on some of the krispie treats on top of the bones. Press it firmly and shape. Let that cool just a bit more. Flip it over and press on more of the cereal treats on the other side. Press firmly and let that set on the wax paper. They will look like this

Have your bran flakes ready in a bowl. Crush some and leave some of them whole. Take the left over candy coating and melt for 20 seconds in microwaveor until melted. Stir in just a little bit of peanut butter to that for a off white color. Spread the candy coating on the outside. This will also help set the chicken legs so they don’t fall apart. Sprinkle the crushed flakes on the outside. Dip the larger flakes in the coating and press on the outside. Done with legs!

Corn on the Cobb
Yellow and White Gourmet Jelly Beans – cut in half
White Cookie Frosting
1 Yellow Starburst

Cut off the ends of the Twinkies. Squeeze a little cookie frosting on the jelly bean half and lined them up on the Twinkie. Melt a Starburst in the microwave for 5 seconds and press that to look like butter melting. Sprinkle some decorating white sugar on top to look like salt.

Baked Beans
Sugar Babies (in any candy isle)
A Chocolate Pudding Cup
A Vanilla Pudding Cup (you could also use butterscotch instead of both)
A Dab of Red and Orange Food Coloring

Just mix the two puddings together until you get a med. brown color. Just put a tiny bit of red and orange coloring to get the right color. Poor the Sugar Daddies in a bowl and add the pudding.

Mini Beef Sliders
Nilla wafers
chocolate covered cookies
red and green gel or frosting
orange or yellow Starbursts
sesame seeds

Start off with two Nilla Wafers for each slider you want to make.

Make the lettuce by squeezing a small amount of green gel or frosting around the edge of the bottom of one wafer.

Place the cookie on top of the lettuce.

Unwrap the orange {or yellow} Starbursts. Place 3-4 in the microwave at a time and heat on high heat for 5 seconds. The Starburst will become nice and soft and pliable which will allow you to stretch it till you get the shape you want. You want it just slightly larger than the cookie so it hangs over the edge a little bit.

Squeeze a small amount of red gel or frosting around the edge of the cookie for the "ketchup".

Put on the top "bun" - the other wafer.

To get those sesame seeds to stick, heat up a small amount of honey for 10 seconds in the microwave.

Then gently brush the honey on to the tops of the wafers. Sprinkle on the seeds and voila!