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Candy Tester Wanted / Bernie's Mittens

Talk about a sweet job! The Candy Funhouse in Ontario is looking for Candyologists.

That's a fancy title for someone willing to get paid for eating thousands sample candy and chocolate products, and then provide Candy Funhouse with a review. The candyologists must “taste samples objectively” and “consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality.”

Candy Funhouse currently carries 3,000 products. Job candidates will play an integral role in helping to select 10 new, original candies for the first ever Candy Funhouse-branded line.

The position pays $30 an hour and is available for full-timers or on a permanent contract basis. Those interested in applying can do so until February 15th.

CLICK HERE to apply

Bernie’s Mittens

Photos of Senator Bernie Sanders wool mittens from inauguration day taking the internet by storm, but if you were hoping to get your hands on a pair you're out of luck. The Vermont mitten maker Jen Ellis tweeted this out, "Thanking fans for all the interest, but said she's now sold out.”