Daytime-Cocktails for the big game

Cocktails for the Big Game day

Chris Ware is mixing up some drinks using Seersucker Gin for Kimberly and Esteban. Find out how you can make this delicious cocktail at home, it's a drink everyone will enjoy at your Big Game day party.

Seersucker Southern Style Gin
San Antonio
FB: SoutherStyleGin

SouthsideRickey–Bottled Cocktail
Courtesy of Trey Azar| Seersucker Founder & Master Distiller

20+mint leaves?14oz.
Seersucker Southern Style Gin
5oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
5.25oz. simple syrup
Topo ChicoBottle

Prep. Directions:
*using a 33oz. bottle
1. Add 20mint leaves to a large shaker cup & muddle
2. Add 14oz. of Seersucker Southern Style Gin
3. Add 5oz. of freshly squeezed lime juice
4. Add 5.25oz. of simple syrup
5. 7 oz. of water6.Shake, funnel into bottleand seal

Creating the End Cocktail:
1. Shake the bottle well
2. Pour over ice in a Collins or highball glass (or if you prefer, pour into a coupe glass without ice)
3. Add a splash of Topo Chico
4. Garnish with mint or lime