Managing Those Holiday Cravings

Managing Those Holiday Cravings

The holidays are fast approaching, and our good friend, Bryce Wylde, has some tips on how we can manage our holiday treat cravings without having to pull out the stretchy pants.


1. Eating foods rich in the amino acid L-Tyrosine – the natural building block of dopamine – may give you a consistent low-grade sense of feeling good, and help you cut your ties with whatever you’re craving. Foods high in L-Tyrosine include dark chocolate, oatmeal, chicken, ricotta cheese, edamame and wheat germ. Try a few drops of an over-the-counter tincture derived from the kudzu plant

2. Reward yourself Increase dopamine levels by exercising, such as a leisurely walk in a forested area, or taking a break to watch your favorite movie. Rewarding activities are tools you can use to divert your attention away from your cravings

3. Drink your water. We often confuse hunger or the desire for another cocktail with plain, old-fashioned thirst. Our bodies are asking us for a clean, non-caloric form of hydration.

4. Limit alcohol which lowers inhibitions and make you more likely to give into cravings

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