West Wednesday: Fried Turkey

West Wednesday: Fried Turkey

With Thanksgiving almost a week away, it's never to early to start prepping and talking about the turkey! Chef Brian West is showing us step-by-step how to make the PERFECT fried turkey!

Chef Brian West is offering curbside of FULL Thanksgiving meals, and you can book your order through text, or send him an email at You can also call or text (210) 77-6961, or visit his website at You can also connect with Chef West on Facebook and Instagram @ChefBrianWestSA

To make injection melt together all ingredients whisking and allow to sit for 10 mins

To make rub combine all ingredients and set aside

To make gravy Sautee giblets and sausage together until cooked about 4 mins add veg and cook until soft add dust flour neck flour and worcestershire and cook until smooth

Add turkey stock and bring to a boil to thicken season to taste

Load fryer with oil and sink turkey into cold oil to establish iol level remove turkey to cuttling board

For Turkey Inject with injection liquid into brests and legs rub dipping over the bird season with salt pepper and acadian dust

Heat oil to 400 and slowly ower turket into oil and cook 2min a pound or until thys reach 155

Remove allow to rest for 15mins and cut 1 12lb turket should take about Yield: 1 12lb turkey 24mins


8 fluid ounces orange juice

4 fluid ounces olive oil

4 fluid ounces butter

1 fluid ounce onion powder

1 fluid ounce garlic powder

1 fluid ounce Acadian Dust,


1 teaspoon franks red hot

1 teaspoon cayenne

Acadian Dust

3 fluid ounces paprika

2 fluid ounces garlic powder

1 fluid ounce white pepper

1 fluid ounce onion powder

1 fluid ounce cayenne

1 fluid ounce dried oregano

1 fluid ounce dried thyme

1 12lb Turkey

Salt, to taste

Acadian Gravy

1 fluid ounce fat

1 packet giblets, from turkey

2 fluid ounces Andouille sausage,


1 fluid ounce onion

1 fluid ounce red bell pepper, diced

1 fluid ounce celery

1 tablespoon Acadian Dust, prepared

3 fluid ounces flour

1 each neck, from turkey

1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce

32 fluid ounces turkey stock

salt and pepper , to taste