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West Wednesday: Luby's Fried Fish LuAnn Platter

West Wednesday: Luby's Fried Fish LuAnn Platter

We've all heard by now that Luby's is closing it's doors soon, but, luckily for us, Chef Brian West is keeping the spirit alive and is recreating the classic Fried Fish LuAnn Platter for us!

For More Information:
(210) 771-6971
IG & FB: @ChefBrianWestSa

Servings: 4

-8 fluid ounces AP Flour

-16 fluid ounces saltine cracker, crushed

-8 fluid ounces buttermilk

-3 each eggs

-6 5oz cod fillets, dried

-salt and pepper to taste

-Tartar Sauce

-2 fluid ounces onion, minced

-2 fluid ounces parsley

-4 fluid ounces dill pickle relish, drained

-16 fluid ounces mayonnaise

-1 tablespoon lemon juice

Servings: 4

- Season fish with salt and pepper then dredge Fish in flour.

-Dip into butter milk to coat then into cracker crumbs to completly cover

-Place in 350 oil and allow to fry for 6 min of until golden brown. If fish is not cook all the way for can place in an 350 oven for 2 more mins

*To make Tartar Sauce combine all the ingredients and set aside

Served with Sliced Lemon