West Wednesday: Recreating Chinese Dishes with Special Guest, Kristina Zhao

West Wednesday: Recreating Chinese Dishes with Special Guest, Kristina Zhao

We're shaking things up this week for West Wednesday! Chef Brian West is LIVE from his home and recreating some delicious Chinese dishes, including- "dry fried" green beans, "hands-folded" wontons, and spicy garlicky peanut butter noodles, with special guest, Chef Kristina Zhao, from Sichuan House!

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[1] “Dry-Fried” Green Beans ?????

“Dry-Fried” Green Beans ????? is a Sichuanese classic that is world famous. The green beans are “dry-fried” in a wok with minimal oil over moderate heat until wrinkled and tender; however, a quick deep fry speeds up the process. We can also roast them in the oven at 475 F for 15 minutes as a health alternative.

Ingredients: ginger, garlic, green onions, sui mi y acai (Sichuan preserved mustard greens), light soy, sesame oil

Optional: ground pork/beef or bacon, dried red chilis

[2] “Hands-Folded” Wontons ??

Known for their silky and slippery mouthfeel, “Hands-Folded” Wontons ?? are eaten all over China, and according to scholars, they have been around since the Western Han dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD). A Tang-dynasty source mentions 24 styles of wontons with various forms and fillings.

At Sichuan House, our original wontons are be served in a clear broth or with a drizzle of our house chili oil.

Ingredients: ginger, ground pork, egg, Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, salt & pepper, green onions, wonton wrappers, favorite stock

Optional: chili oil, baby bok choy

[3] Spicy Garlicky Peanut Butter Noodles ??

Spicy cold noodles are a very popular snack in Sichuan and often features the “Strange Flavor” ?? profile & mix of ingredients: sweet aromatic soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, chili oil, garlic & Sichuan pepper. Oil the noodles as soon as they are cooked and spread them out to dry so they do not stick together.

Ingredients: noodles (ramen is fine), bean sprouts, cucumbers, leftover cooked chicken breast meat, sesame seeds, green onions

Sauce ingredients: peanut butter, light soy, dark soy, Chinkiang vinegar, chili oil, sesame oil, crushed ginger & garlic, Sichuan peppercorn