Create your own “spa day” at home

Create your own at home spa

Social distancing may be getting in the way of some of our favorite ways to decompress. Visits to salons and spas is out of the question for most people practicing self quarantine.

Samantha Landin, owner of Ur New Image a salon and boutique, is giving us some tips on creating some zen in your own space. Landin says all the stress of the COVID-19 season is definitely a reason to decompress.

As most people are still working from home, Landon says Saturday, Sunday or just a day off is ideal for self-care.

Be intentional of the few hours you are going to take to concentrate on pampering yourself.

Landin says if you have kids at home, plan to put on a movie for them to buy yourself some time.

Put on a comfy robe, make yourself a nice hot drink or poor yourself a glass of wine.

Essential oils and bath salts will make your bath time so much more enjoyable. Items like this can be picked up at your next grocery store run.

Concentrate on putting a hair treatment in your hair and on giving yourself a yourself a nice manicure and pedicure.

Landin says reach out to your favorite spa or salon and see if they have created at home spa or color kits like Landin has done for her clients. Landin has been able to use FaceTime to walk her clients through the applications of these kits.

For more tips and tricks to create your own spa day search for Landin on Instagram.