Fall 2020 Skincare Predictions

Fall 2020 Skincare Predictions

Skin care is important for both men and women, and Dr. Sheila Farhang has some tips, tricks, and 2020 skin care trends we all need to know about.

Dr. Sheila's Fall 2020 Skincare Predictions:

1) A Surge in Eye-Area Treatments: With most of us wearing masks, we are noticing signs of aging around the eyes now more than ever. From under eye bags to crow feet, I am seeing a surge of patients coming in asking for cosmetic services specifically to treat the eye area. Eye creams with caffeine (like green tea) can help with swelling and brighten the under eye area.

2) Smart Devices for Our Skin: From laser to microcurrent technology and contouring gadgets, devices are changing the way we treat our skin and body. With millions still stuck at home, many are experimenting with these new gadgets to keep them looking fresh. A few of my favorites include:

-Low level light therapy for collagen rebuilding, inflammation and hair loss

-Microcurrent technology

-Jade Rollers (PROP) and Gua sha tools

3) Scalp Care Gets Scientific: Move over shampoo, there is a whole new set of treatments and products designed to care for the scalp. A few new trends include:

-Platelet Rick Plasma ("liquid gold" injections that have scientific data that improve hair loss)

-Inside out approach-making use of your supplements as they can help with scalp and hair health.

-Scalp-tox (botox on the scalp) to help sweaty scalps

4) Plant-Based Goes Mainstream: Until recently, plant based skincare was considered niche. With an increase in environmentally conscious consumers, many mass brands are introducing plant-based and planet-friendly products. Some trendy ingredients include:

-Bakuchiol (PROP)

-Gotu Kola



-Witch Hazel flowers

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