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El Paso dermatologist explains how to manage 'masknie'

Our masking days appear to now be numbered in Texas.

While health experts have encouraged us to wear masks to ward off COVID-19 unfortunately wearing a mask has increased our chances of a new problem 'masknie'.

El Paso dermatologist Dr. Karen Herman explained that 'masknie' is now just a sign of the times and that there are many people who have never experienced acne and are suddenly experiencing breakouts.

Herman said 'masknie' is not really a problem from the mask it's more our own skin reacting to the new environment that's underneath the mask.

She recommends keeping your skin clean but not irritated. Use a mild cleanser and moisturizer.

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And then take a good look at your mask. You should be washing cloth masks every day after use, and disposing of disposable masks daily as well. The American Association of Dermatology provided us with this list of tips to help you manage 'masknie'.

Herman said it's best to avoid makeup under the mask, and recommended you focus your cosmetic efforts on the eye area which people can see.

Whatever you do, don't pick at your skin. But don't ignore your skin if it's irritated either.

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If these methods don't work you may just have to just go pay your dermatologist a visit to get ready for your real unmasking soon.

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