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Study Claims Adults Feel Older Than Their Biological Age

Age may be just a number but a new study found that adults between 25-45 feel physically older than their biological age/ 4 in 10 people agree that they have inexplicable aches and pains. Doctors say our perception of aging can be heavily influenced by cultural factors but ultimately has little to do with our overall state of health.

Make 2021 the year of the exercise snack.

Just as you might grab a handful of chips or nuts to break the monotony of your day, an exercise “snack” is a short burst of movement you can enjoy at home or in the office or outdoors. It can last for mere seconds or for several minutes. You can do it while talking on the phone or just because you want to take an hourly break from sitting in your chair. You don’t even have to change your clothes.

A number of scientific studies show that exercise snacking several times a day leads to meaningful gains in fitness and overall health. A recent study concluded that even just 4-second bursts of exercise have been shown to improve fitness.