2020 Dumpster Fire Ornaments

2020 Dumpster Fire Ornaments

When life hands you a trash year, make a product out of it and sell it! One Los Angeles man decided to make 2020 trash ornaments! The trash cans are on "fire" and have been flying off the shelves since their debut!

If you can't get enough of "The Bachelor" or "The BAchlorette", pack up your pajamas and head to the famous California mansion for the weekend! The mansion has been posted on AirBnb's site for $6,000 per night! Worth it?

Photoshop apps could be killing your confidence. Researchers are saying that social media and face enhancing apps are crushing real life confidence, and they recommend taking a step back and spending less time on social media.

Ulta is heading to Target stores near you! The mini cosmetic shops will be 1,000 sq feet and are expected to open in 2021!

Make a move to the Ozarks for this amazing deal! The Ozarks are offering more than $1 million in the next 6 months to attract top talent as well as a bike for newbies to explore the hilly terrain.

Celebrations are changing due to the pandemic, but you can catch some beautiful Christmas lights at the AT&T Center beginning November 19th! Visitors can drive through the parking lot of the AT&T Center to view lights, take photos, and more!

And, speaking of the holidays, Neiman Marcus have released their 94th annual holiday book with some luxury (and pricey) items in a special chapter called "Fantasy Gifts". Items include a $255,000 travel trailer and a private jet line ride to a remote Alskan Chalet.