24 Hours Isn't Enough Time!

24 Hours Isn't Enough Time!

During our forties, our bodies begin to fail us with joint pain and other parts of our bodies showing wear and tear. A study found that on average, knees start to creak at the age of 47, and our sense of small dulls when we reach 46!

Dog owners, it's time to start preparing your dogs for the post-pandemic life and owners returning to work. Experts recommend putting dogs in different rooms two times a day for 1 to 4 hours at a time to start getting them accustomed to the upcoming changes.

Teens are getting creative and have started dressing as 'mask-wearing grandmas' to scar alcohol. The prank has taken social media by storm!

24 hours isn't enough time to get everything our 'to-do list' completed. According to experts, people need 28 hours to complete all of their tasks for the day, and to get the recommended hours of sleep.

If you're getting ready to head out for a vacation, put the stress behind you and start by creating a pre-vacation checklist. Another suggestion is to take photos of things you're afraid of leaving on before you head out to put your mind at ease of leaving something like the stove or a curling iron on.