5 Ways to Start Making Money Now!

5 Ways to Start Making Money Now!

We're all looking for ways to make money, and if you're ready to start NOW, stop what you're doing! Certified Financial Educator, and Author of "How Money Works", Steve Siebold, has 5 ways to start making money now!

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5 Ways to Make Money Now

1. Start a side gig that helps people with smaller items: It always feels like we have too much on our plates, and many people are willing to pay someone who can help minimize their ‘to-do’ lists. Offer to run errands, do yardwork, grocery shop, help fix things around the house or any other small projects that people just don’t have time for. It might not make you rich, but it can quickly lead to some extra money as the holidays approach.

2. Your junk is someone else’s treasure: You know that closet full of clothes you don’t wear anymore or that bookshelf filled with old books you are never going to read again? Sell them. It’s a win-win because you are decluttering your space and making a few bucks in the process. That extra money can be put toward holiday purchases, to pay off debt or anything else.

3. Become a mentor, coach, or tutor: Maybe you’re a professional writer. Maybe you are good at sales. Whatever your talent, there are plenty of people who struggle with what you are gifted at. Become their mentor or coach and help them improve their skillset. Similarly, if you are a teacher or really good at math or science, become a tutor and help students improve their grades.

4. Become a freelancer: Take to sites like Upwork and Fiverr and become a parttime freelancer. Whatever your talent, people are on here willing to pay you for your expertise. There is a lot of competition and highly qualified professionals so you might have to cutback your normal rates. It is a good way to make some spare change as we get closer to the holiday season.

5. Cutback on unnecessary spending: One of the quickest ways to put a little extra cash in your pocket is to take a close look at your current spending and see where you can cut back. For instance: if you stop at Starbucks every morning on your way to work, that’s a nice chunk of change that will quickly add up. If you tend to overspend on Amazon or indulge yourself with home d├ęcor items, for example, cut back and use that much needed money for the holidays.