A Perfect Place for "Me Time"

A Perfect Place for "Me Time"

Happy Friday!

A new dating site is geared at matching up users with a 20 year gap .The site is called "20 Dating" and it's the very first extreme dating app website. Photos are optional for the site.

Americans are turning to a surprising place to get some alone time- their cars. Where do you go for a little "me time" ?

There's a new trend happening that no one saw coming- seniors are emerging from the pandemic with a little bit more of a wild streak and they're heading straight for the tattoo and piercing parlors to celebrate their newfound freedom.

Have you heard about this- A funeral home inDetroit says that a young woman was found breathing and alive after she was declared deceased! What a bizarre situation.

Kevin Bacon is showing what he loves to eat for breakfast, and surprising enough, it's NOT bacon. He recently posted a tutorial of how he makes his "Morning Mango", with many users saying the video is mesmerizing and peaceful to watch.