A Rise in Fitness Spending, Dating Made Easy, Taylor'd For You, & More!

A Rise in Fitness Spending, Dating Made Easy, Taylor'd For You, & More!

Happy Friday, friends!

Have you been ordering fitness equipment for your at-home workouts? Kimberly & Esteban can’t ‘weight’ to share the surprising price tag that Americans are spending for their at-home gyms!

Researchers are studying the possibility of a workout pill having the same effect of actually working out! Would you try it?

The dating app, Bumble, is making dating easier than ever during the pandemic, and allowing users to specify on their profile if they're interested in virtual dating or social distancing in-person dates (with or without masks).

If you're feeling lonely in lockdown, maybe Alexa can be your go-to in curing your love sickness, and 28% of people admitted to having the hots for the electronic voice!

If you're worried about your partner cheating on you after quarantine, Kimberly & Esteban have the top 3 zodiac signs you may need to keep your eye on.


The 4th Annual Taylor'd For You Fashion Show is going virtual! As you know, the past 3 years the show has helped a different San Antonio nonprofit each year while also highlighting local boutiques and designers. The show is happening Saturday, July 25th, and is benefiting "Each One Teach One" which is an adult literacy center in San Antonio that is doing amazing work.

You can watch the show on Youtube TOMORROW, but you need a ticket! Proceeds benefit Each One Teach One. Just go to to get your tickets!