Aches and Pains, Anyone?

Aches and Pains, Anyone?

What do you think: People are saying that Kylie Jenner and Cardi B need to stop spoiling their kids in lockdown. The backlash came after Kylie posted a picture of her daughter, Stormi, with a $1,180 Louis Vuitton bag on the same day as Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, with a Hermes Birkin bag costing a whopping 5 figures.

A quarter of Americans are experiencing increased aches and pains during their time in quarantine, according to new research due to decreased physical activity.

We could all use a break during these unknowing and crazy times! Well, now, you have the chance to win a staycation for the family! We're sharing all the details, and catching up with CEO, Charles Leddy, about the newest updates and renovation to the fantastic Hampton Inn Bulverde.

Want a chance to win? Send us a video telling us WHY you deserve to win the getaway. That's it! Be sure to upload your video to this link when completed-

Here's the breakdown of prizes:

One lucky viewer will win:

4 day passes to Guadalupe State Park

2 adult and 2 children tickets to Tejas Rodeo

2 night stay at Hampton Inn Bulverde w/ breakfast included

Texas theme gift basket

For more information on Hampton Inn Bulverde, visit: