Billboards Are the New Tinder!

Billboards Are the New Tinder!

Move over Tinder! There's another way to find the love of your life! Recently, a 30 year old man bought a billboard that read: "Single? Date Mark. This could be the sign you've been waiting for." The man just recently posted a picture of his current girlfriend. Guess it's safe to say the sign worked!

1-3 dates is apparently all it takes a man to tell whether or not he's in love with a girl or not. Women are a bit more indecisive on their decision, and need about a month to decide their feelings.

This year, you can expect the Thanksgiving centerpiece turkey to be smaller this year due to the pandemic bringing less people around the table.

Since so many singles are on dating apps these days, how can you tell whether the other person just wants a Covid-Bae or not? Kimberly and Esteban are sharing some of the signs to look for.

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