"Chipotle Digital Kitchen"

"Chipotle Digital Kitchen"

A new study shows that horses don't love us as much as we love them! In fact, just as humans used horses in the past for various jobs and transportation, horses also use humans. Experts say that horses are not attached to individuals, but are comforted by humans in general.

Chipotle is opening a new dining experience called "Chipotle Digital Kitchen" that will only allow pick-up delivery through the app. The design is geared to more urban areas and the first restaurant opens Saturday.

A viral thread on Reddit asked users to share some of the most common responses they get when they reveal their job, and Kimberly & Esteban are sharing some of best responses.

This year has changed the way places are celebrating the holidays, and that includes the AT&T Center in San Antonio. This year, they're hosting a drive-thru experience called "Illumi Night"! Visitors will drive through the parking lot of the AT&T Center to see twinkling lights, and can even enjoy photo ops and fan fare during the event.

And, donate TODAY for the Healing Hearts phone bank! The money raised will benefit Thrivewell Cancer Foundation. You can give y texting "HealingHearts2020" to 243725, you canals call (210) 581-5761, or visit them on Facebook @ThrivewellSa