Conan O'Brien is Stepping Down After 3 Decades

Conan O'Brien is Stepping Down After 3 Decades

Conan O'Brienis ending his nearly 30 run as a late night TV host, but, he's still got a few big plans under his sleeve including hosting a new variety series. The late night show will end after its 10th season in June.

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you're starting to feel the stress of the holiday, Kimberly & Esteban are sharing some tips to help ease your mind.

Twitter is expanding beyond just 'tweets'. The social media platform is now introducing audio features and disappearing posts called 'Fleets'. The posts vanish after 24 hours. Fleets will also not be able to be retweeted or show public replies.

Covid has changed a lot of things, and realtors are noticing as well. Since the start of the pandemic, the focus of home buyers has not only been on finding the perfect location and perfect space, but also, the perfect place to work. The most requested things are studies with doors that close and two office spaces.

And, if you loved Dolly Parton before, you'll love her even more now! Dolly is one of the major funders for the Modern Vaccine that's about 95% effective so far! She donated a whopping $1 million!