Daytime at Home | "Back to the Future" fan builds Hoverboard

Daytime at Home | "Back to the Future" fan builds Hoverboard

Happy Monday! Kimberly & Esteban are home and bringing the latest in trending topics.

A fan of "Back to the Future" has built working hover boards! The 24 year old fan, completed the look with authentic Marty McFly jacket, cap, and sneakers!

A $410 MILLION lottery ticket was sold in Arizona from a $2 Meg-Millions ticket! What's the first thing you would buy with all that money??

Studies have shown that keeping a strong relationship with your "work spouse" is very valuable in regards to a high level of job satisfaction, performance, and engagement. 63% of people working from home say they would feel more productive if they could be in lockdown with their "work spouse" instead of their actual spouse.

A customer from Missouri is suing Apple for all of its worth after they claimed their iPhone devices stolen after taking it in for a repair back in 2018. We'll wait to see how this case unfolds.