Daytime at Home | Best Flirting Techniques

Daytime at Home | Best Flirting Techniques

Kimberly &Esteban are home and bringing you the latest in trending topics.

Need some new flirting techniques for when we're out of quarantine? Kimberly & Esteban have a list of techniques work, and which ones to leave in lockdown!

Three in ten Americans say they have broken the rules of quarantine all for a booty call. 58% say they're hunkering down with their honey, while over half of people surveyed say their partner comes over to their place since they are quarantining alone. Who's your quarantine buddy?

Are you Quilty of being a digital snoop? looking through your partners phone to find some dirt? Or, have you been a victim of being digitally stopped on?? Kimberly & Esteban are sharing some of the ways your significant other may be spying on you!

Austin, TX will soon be welcomed as one of the 10largest cities in the U.S.! San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas are already on the list. All this and more in today's Talkers!