Daytime at Home | Signs You're Becoming Your Dad

Daytime at Home | Signs You're Becoming Your Dad

Kimberly and Esteban are home and bringing the latest in trending topics.

It's official! Research shows that you start becoming your father at age 37! Some signs include-taking grilling very seriously, sharing terrible dad jokes, and more.

High school seniors got creative in New Hampshire after everything going on with graduations around the country. They decided to head to a ski lodge where they were allowed to do a procession using the ski lifts! How creative!

Kanye West is coming out with a skin care line! He's expanding his fashion brand to include cosmetics and fragrances, and following the footsteps of the women in the Kardashian family. Would you buy his line?

And, you can find out what type of dad you may become by taking a look at what you drink. For example, those who drink Vodka Sodas and Gin and Tonics may become the more health conscious dad, while those who drink craft beers and scotch may become the overprotective type of dad.

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