Daytime at Home | Un-Beer-Lievable

Daytime at Home | Un-Beer-Lievable

Kimberly & Esteban are bringing the latest in trending topics!

Experts say that the correct way to load your dishwasher may NOT be the way that we've been so use to for all these years. It's suggested to load your dishwasher from the back to the front in order to fit more dishes in at once.

Do you prefer light or dark beer? Those who like taking risks usually prefer the more bitter tasting beers while.

A UK Pub has installed an electric fence to ensure social distancing after many of the visiting patrons refused to do so on their own. It's highly advised to be careful around the fence as many drinkers were electrocuted after too many drinks.

Romantic breakups suck, but friendship breakups hurt on a whole other level. Kimberly & Esteban are sharing some ways to tell if your friendship is no longer benefitting you. All this and more in today's Talkers.