Daytime at Home | Viewers Choice Show, Facebook Avatars, & Social Distancing for Dummies

Daytime at Home | Viewers Choice Show, Facebook Avatars, & Social Distancing for Dummies

Kimberly & Esteban are home and bringing the latest in trending topics.

Have you checked our Instagram stories this morning?! It's time to VOTE for your favorite Daytime segments for our Memorial Day show! One of your choices includes picking your favorite Daytime team challenge- the Push Up Challenge or the garage Door Chllenge? The decision is YOURS! Voting ends today, so hurry!

Have you tried out the new avatar feature on Facebook? These little digital personas encourage interacting and engaging in a more personal and dynamic way. All you have to do is click on the smiley face icon and select "Make Your Avatar"

A Virginia restaurant owner is taking social distancing training to a unique level. He's training his staff to prepare for social distancing procedures for when their doors re-open, by filling his restaurant with crash test dummies. The owner is also planning to deck out the dummies in some 1940's fashion to make the experience a little more fun.

Google has released the most searched recipe for each state right now, and if you've been cooking a lot at home and trying new recipes, this might be fun to know- the most Google'd recipe in the state of Texas is hamburger meat recipes.

And, kids are slowly driving their parents crazy, and most have resulted to parents sending their kids to virtual summer camp. Some of these camps include new learning opportunities, while others are creating an entirely new digital experience. One we found was a celebrity-led FREE interactive class through Varsity Tutors. He'd over to their website at for more information and to sign up for a class!