Dog for Mayor!

Dog for Mayor!

A Kentucky town has elected a dog as their mayor this week. The French bulldog received a record number of votes and has his owner as his spokesperson.

Covid-19 has been shutting down lots of weddings and Air Charter Services has come up with anew ideasa for couples called "Wedding in the Sky"! The concept allows for couples to spend $28,000 to tie a knot on a two hour plane ride at 30,000 feet with 16 guests. The service includes a Chauffer, Champagne, favors, an officiant, flowers, catered food, and drinks.

For all the diet soda lovers out there, we've got some bad news. Turns out these diet drinks may not be as healthy for you as you may thing. Scientists have found that the diet drinks can lead to heart disease, and it is advised to reduce or eliminate them from your diet.

A man has been banned and blacklisted from Yellowstone Park after he tried to cook chicken in the hot springs area. Officials were notified after receiving reports of hikers heading toward the hot spring with cookware and two whole birds.

Do you ever feel second hand embarrassment for someone? That feeling you get actually has a word to describe it, and it's - "Fremdschamen". Try saying that 5 times fast!

And, 50% of people working from hoe aren't using their vacation days. All work and no play can have negative affects on your mental health and taking vacations can increase your overall efficiency at work.