Eat Chicken While Gaming?

Eat Chicken While Gaming?

A Minnesota beer brand is giving away a "Broken Resolution Preparedness Kit"which includes a siz pack of their beer and 5 pounds of restaraunt quality bacon.

The annual "Banished Words List" is out for 2021 and Kimberly & Esteban are sharing some of the words and phrases to make the list.

KFC is expanding their horizons and have introduced a new gaming console shaped like a bucket with a built-in 'Chicken Chamber' to keep your chicken warm while you play. The consule is set to release sometime this year.

Dunkin has announced a brand new coffee lend called "Extra Charged Coffee" that contains 20% more caffeine and Green coffee Extract. What's the cost? Only $2!

If you're participating in 'Dry january', Kimberly & Esteban are sharing a list of benefits you may experience according to doctors, and a new study shows that couples who meet on dating apps are just as happy as those who meet in real life.