Have You Gone Dairy Free? If So, Listen Up!

Have You Gone Dairy Free? If So, Listen Up!

f you’ve gone dairy-free, you need to hear this. Researchers at UC Davis believe real milk is a key to lifelong health and disease prevention. With trendy alternative beverages available on the market it’s hard to know which is truly the most nutritious option for you and your family. Just because a liquid is white does not mean that it is nutritionally similar to milk. In fact, alternative beverages do not offer the nourishment needed in the diets of humans. Food Chemist and Director of the University of California Davis Food for Health Institute, Dr. Bruce German has spent three decades studying the role of diet and health and has discovered important links between a mother’s breast milk and milk from a cow.


Real milk is uniquely balanced - offering protein, nutrients and fats - in a distinct way that we need for our health

If you sit at a computer or phone screen all day, your body is deteriorating each hour. Only real milk has been scientifically proven to help protect your bones, muscles and immune system.

Simply adding just two servings of dairy a day can have positive effects on your health

Research has shown cow’s milk closely resembles mother’s milk making it a logical next step to include in children’s diets as they transition from consuming human milk.

California produces the most dairy in the US and its family farms lead the nation in sustainable farming practices

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