"Indiana Jones" 5th Movie, Coming July 2022

"Indiana Jones" 5th Movie, Coming July 2022

Harrison Ford will be cracking his whip in a new Indiana Jones movie! The movie is set to release July 2022! Will you be watching?

A new survey asked adults if they would rather give up alcohol or their favorite food delivery service. Over half of the respondents said they would rather give up alcohol! Which would you choose?

Half of people admit that they don't think it's a problem to steal something from someone else's bathroom like using someone's products when you're in a pinch. 60% of people also admitted to peeking in other people's medicine cabinets. What do you think?

The world is a scary place when you're young, and apparently when you're older as well. A viral thread on Reddit asked adults what they're the most scared of and some of the responses include losing their teeth, jumping down the stairs and U-Hauls. What's your biggest fear?