Justin Bieber Teams Up With Crocs

Justin Bieber Teams Up With Crocs

Take a look at the bizarre sight Kimberly saw while running! Can you tell what it is?

Justin Bieber has teamed up with Crocs to release a shoe designed by The Biebs himself! The shoe will be available for a limited time and will be yellow with custom Jibbitz charms. The shoes are priced at $60 and are available now! Are you planning to get your hands on them?

1 in.4 adults admit to having a harder time relaxing at home since most have also turned their spaces into an office. Before the lockdown, people spent an average of 10 hours at home, and that number has now increased to 21 hours a day.

Singapore Airlines have started using their grounded planes as pop up restaurants and charging as much as $475 for reserved suite spaces for dinner. The spaces have been selling out within minutes!

Fast food is reaching new heights. The first-ever chicken nugget was sent to space with a camera attached to it to get the footage. It will now go down in history along with some of the greats who have traveled to the unknown!