Nudist Mover Wanted!

Nudist Mover Wanted!

A nudest couple in the UK posted an ad saying they were looking for an individual to help them move, with only one requirement: Availability to be nude in September while they help. The couple has agreed to pay a whopping $2668 for the perfect candidate. Would you take the job?

A new phobia is sweeping college campuses- 'NOMOPHOBIA'. The phobia has been described as the fear of not having your smartphone, and is linked with poor sleeping habits.

Another dating app is gaining some attention during the pandemic, called "Fourplay". The app is all about double dating, and lessens the awkwardness of the first date since you're able to bring your bestie along. What are your thoughts on this?

Lots of people had to cancel their vacation plans this summer due to the pandemic, and now, many are using that extra cash in other places of their lives, or saving it. Which side are you on? Saving, or spending?

If you're looking to lose weight, studies show that enlisting your significant other can lead to more pounds shed. Sometimes this can be hard as men and women tend to have a lot of differences when it comes to weight loss and other aspects of life. This has us thinking- what things annoy you about the opposite sex?