Rapid Fire | #BeardTalent, #50StrainsofGrey, #IdBuyThatForADollar, & #McEDees

Rapid Fire | #BeardTalent, #50StrainsofGrey, #IdBuyThatForADollar, & #McEDees

X is back with more of this week's trending hashtags, including comforting words for $1 and a new celebrity meal from McDonald's!

Wahl Grooming just announced a new contest where they're looking for the "Most Talented Beard in America." They say you CAN just enter and show off your talent, like playing the drums, and if you have a beard, that counts. But if you want to WIN the $20,000 grand prize, you should probably figure out an actual talent for your beard.

An erotic romance novel where a scientist falls in love with and gets-it-on with coronavirus has gone viral. It's called "Kissing the Coronavirus", and in it, an evil scientist catches the virus, and it turns him into a human version of the coronavirus that the main character can now have a relationship with. Sound like a page turner? Or would you rather read a Harry Potter book?

A pizza shop in New York just added "Comforting Words" to its menu. For $1, your delivery driver will, quote, "look you straight in the eyes and tell you, 'Everything's gonna be okay and you're doing the best you can.'" Would you spend the extra funds?

McDonald’s is doing it again! This time instead of the Travis Scott meal.. you'll be able to get your very own JBalvin meal at a Golden Arches location soon. ?? What artist would you like to see McDonald’s work with next?