Sally's Beauty App: Try a New Hair Color in Minutes!

Sally's Beauty App: Try a New Hair Color in Minutes!

Sally's Beauty Supply has a new app where users can try out new hair colors virtually before fully committing! Kimberly & Esteban are testing out the app to see how well it really works!

While we're all staying safe at home, it seems as though a surge in the swingers community has also occurred with New York and Los Angeles being the top cities experiencing the surge and Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas also included on the list.

Police dogs in Chile are being trained to sniff and recognize Covid-19 in humans. The hope is that the new training will help with the reopening of busy public spaces. Although Coronavirus does not have a smell, researchers says that something in the scent of a persons sweat may give away the virus.

The average adult is washing their hands 8 times per day BUT many are not cleaning their hands after using the restroom..YUCK!

Martha Stewart is back in the news for her latest selfie showing the Lifestyle Diva cooling off in her pool. Followers went crazy and gave kudos for the flirty smile and flowing skin.

We all know that Alex Trebek has been hosting jeopardy for decades now, but the real question is "who will replace him when the time comes?" Rumors and jokes have circulated that it may be trek's longtime friend, Betty White? What do you think??