San Antonio Charter Moms: Charter a Summer of Learning

San Antonio Charter Moms: Charter a Summer of Learning

Kimberly is chatting with Inga Cotton, of San Antonio Charter Moms, about their activity calendar for a summer of fun and engagement for the kids!

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San Antonio Charter Moms (SACM) began as a blog in 2012 when founder Inga Cotton was inspired to help San Antonio families more easily find good information about high-quality school options. Starting with a focus on the growing local charter school offerings, the blog has evolved into a nonprofit that shares fair information about all types of schools. Established in 2018 as a nonprofit, SACM can accept funding that enables it to grow in ways that support accomplishing its mission of being the most trusted information source on education in the region. This growth includes Spanish-language blog post translations, surveying target publics, holding meeting with decisionmakers, support of public speaking, community outreach, and enhancing mobile technology.

SACM helps families navigate the school choice process by providing fair information about schools from pre-K to 12th grade on a variety of platforms such as our website, social media, and our new mobile app. The SACM team fosters connections amongst parents and caregivers by promoting discussion and awareness of different types of schools, how to research schools, and how to stay current on application dates and milestones. Offline, SACM steps out of the screen to speak publicly on education, host school research sessions, and connect families with elected officials so they can become advocates. Education and cultural enrichment activities are also shared to lay a foundation for lifelong learning.