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Daytime- San Antonio School Finder: Finding your best fit school

San Antonio School Finder: Finding your best fit school

Director of Innovative Projects, Brian Regnier, gives us all the information we need to know when it comes to your children and their education all with the use of a website. Finding the best schools in your area is easier than ever now with the San Antonio School Finder. Not only can you find the best fit school for your child, but you can also discover after-school programs to keep them engaged. Have a child already in school? You can find out about all of the upcoming events, and highlights for your child's current school on the site, as well as after-school programs for students of all ages!

About San Antonio School Finder

Schools tell their stories. Families find best-fit schools.

San Antonio School Finder is building an educational resource unlike any other. We've asked San Antonio's 600+ schools to join us in building a complete, holistic school-search experience that includes more than just ratings and data: it includes stories. Stories of campuses dedicated to unique and innovative learning. Stories of family and neighborhood partnerships. Stories of dedicated teachers going the extra mile. We know these things matter to parents just as much as academic data. Don't worry, though, we include the academic data as well.

As of our launch, around half of the schools in San Antonio have submitted their stories to School Finder, with new submissions coming in every day. Yearly academic data is current for every school, but we know that many parents will want more. If you are interested in a school that does not yet have its story included on our site, we encourage you to reach out to the leadership of the school and ask them to share their story.

San Antonio School Finder is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit education resource to assist and empower San Antonio families in navigating the education landscape for their children. Launching this fall, this comprehensive website will host up-to-date information on over 600 San Antonio public schools. Your discovery starts soon...


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