Cry Me A Cockroach! (Photo: San Antonio Zoo)
Cry Me A Cockroach! (Photo: San Antonio Zoo)

San Antonio Zoo to feed cockroach or rat named after your ex to animals on Valentine's Day

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) - The Zoo is taking a page out of the revenge book as it announced it will host its first "Cry Me A Cockroach!" event this Valentine's Day.

The event, similar to the one the El Paso Zoo hosted last year, will allow you to purchase a live cockroach as employees will serve it to one of their animals.

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If your ex was "a snake" you can even purchase a rat, which would be fed to a reptile.

After checkout, you will be allowed to name whatever you fed the animal after your ex, which will be noted on an official certificate you can share online.

The San Antonio Zoo said it will live stream its event.

Cockroaches will run $5 while rats are $25, which you can buy here.