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Side Hustles in 2020: Turn Your Passion into Your Business

Side Hustles in 2020: Turn Your Passion into Your Business

More and more people are using side hustles to make a little extra casino the side, and there are several things you can do today to bring in those Banjamins later!Douglas James has a few tips to help get you started!

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*Change your mind set

a. Rethink what your passionate about first, before what pays the bills. There will always be a way to make money with any passion you have.

b. Don’t limit yourself – forget what you studied in school, your major, your expertise – in 2020 you can always reinvent yourself (from home) to be an expert in any field at any age.

*Leverage online Resources to Further our Education

a. COVID cost millions of people their jobs and tossed them back into an unfamiliar job market that is almost entirely digital that requires basic tech skills. Four year college is too expensive, and almost impossible during COVID, there is no better time to star learning online. Some tips are:

b. Leverage free social media platforms (Subscribe to YouTube channels, join Facebook groups, LinkedIn Live free trial)

c.. Enroll in online platforms that give you specific skills for in demand jobs in the digital world such as digital marketing. For example, Douglas started his own online academy to help veterans learn basic digital skills after they returned from service.

*Keep a steady side hustle at all times

a. In 2020 crowdsourcing jobs has become available in almost every industry, people need to realize the platforms available where they can put their expertise to work to generate side cash.

b. Drive for Uber, handy odd jobs on Task Rabbit, Walk dogs on Wags, Delivery groceries for Amazon, Record songs for Songlorious, Paint a picture for PainTru.

*Job Hunting Strategies and Tips

a. Understand how COVID is affecting the job market – apply to jobs that can both survive the times and require your skills

b. Use your social media and online platforms to network and form relationships

c. Leverage the top platforms employers rely on when hiring'